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Our team of professionals and specialists work with you in all areas to ensure that all the complexities will be taken care of from end to end. We work with you as your extended team members of your organizing committee to deliver yet another successful event. Our Conference and Corporate meetings services may be customised to suit all your event needs.

Conference & Corporate Meeting Management


Our Team has helped many of our clients to organise their annual conferences & corporate annual meetings in different countries over the years. From advanced cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh, to exotic cities such as Phuket, Hainan Island, Langkawi, Siam Reap etc.  Our exposure to working with these multiple cultures allow us to be well poised to manage your events well and understand the intricacies and challenges each city presents. This will enable us to work with you closely to overcome those possible challenges for your overseas events.


As an organiser, we will support you and your organising committee in all aspects of your event from planning to delivery. Each of your events will be supported by a project manager and a team of specialists of different components of your event (from finance budgeting planning, Design, registration to logistics to AV specialists etc). Every event is never the same and we spare no efforts in ensuring every detail of your event is taken care of.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Acquisition


We understand the financial limitations of conferences, in the ever present risk factor of revenue-not-meeting-expenditure and/or the absence of seed funding. To help our clients to meet the needs on the financial stability and viability of their project budget, we work with our clients to include the Sponsorship & Exhibition acquisition in the basket of services we offer. We have successfully developed significant sponsorship programmes for our clients spanning various industries from manufacturers, suppliers, distribution, educational to the beauty/wellness sectors. We do so by understanding the event, stakeholders and helping our clients develop effective acquisition programmes to deliver the value to their sponsors. 

Special Events

When it comes to Special Events, AP is not short of ideas that will deliver the message for the attendees to take home. With more that 30 years of experience in running special events, our founders are not short of ideas to tailor make those ideas for our clients.


Dreams and ideas are nothing without good execution, which doesn't usually happen without a proper plan. At AP, we understand the importance of converting the clients' vision of a successful event into a reality. Hence, we spend plenty of time initially to understand our client's corporate culture, employees' motivation and corporate objectives for the upcoming event in order to develop an appropriate event's plan together with the communication plan for the event. Nothing is left to chance. 


International Trade Shows & Pavilion Management

For many years, AP is an exhibition Sales Agent for Internationally renown trade shows in the region. We work with trade associations and trade show organisers to provide support and assistance to form and lead Singapore pavilions to these trade shows.

Apart from just introducing the shows to exhibitors, AP also work closely with the exhibitors to plan and execute their marketing plans and events such as buyer's networking event, product launch activities in the show, stage show presentation, exhibitors' seminar / workshops, just to name a few.

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