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Corporate Conferences & Corporate Incentive Meetings

In every corporate event, corporate messaging is the key deliverable for the client. And in delivering these messages, we spend time in truly understand the clients' corporate objectives and in particular, the objective in organising an event for the company. We will want to understand whats the take home message at the end of it all. Will the delegates look forward to the next event or see it as another boring gathering? Will the management's objective be met and what is the follow through to such activities to ensure that the take home message remains fresh beyond the event. All delegates are an important member of the corporate family and care must be given to ensure that they are well looked after as a VIP member of the company. 

ALC 2020

ALC_STD logo 640x150.png

The 2nd Applied Learning Conference was organised by the Singapore Institute of Technology and managed by Alliance & Partnership Pte Ltd. 

This conference aims to highlight the value of applied learning in developing future-ready talents in the era of disruptive change. The conference explored the roles of institutes of higher learning in addressing the changing paradigm from a teacher-centric to a learner-centric experience for greater learner engagement which in turn is likely to facility deeper learning and the acquisition of high level skills necessary for students to embrace a constantly changing workplace environment.

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